Can a oral surgeon work as a dentist?

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Can a certified oral surgeon work in a practice for 3 days then work doing surgery for 2 days and so own? And would they make a higher salary then a regular dentist?

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  1. Heather Says:

    They probably could, but I’m not sure if any of them do, as they make more money at being an Oral Surgeon Specialist. I read that Oral Surgery is like the Holy Grail of dentistry. After 4 years of dental school, they have to go back and get another 5-6 years of education which includes medical school.

  2. Voltron Says:

    yes ad no. most states if the dentist list his specialty then no. if they get get the license and not request a specialty status then yes. so if you declare your specialty withh the state then no.

  3. Hawkeyesrule Says:

    In some states he may be able to do that. However, he would make much more money by working and billing as an oral surgeon every day.

  4. tooth975 Says:

    FYI, an oral surgeon IS a dentist but being a specialist, they can only do oral surgical procedures. They are not allowed to perform general dentistry.

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