Can having morning sickness lessen your chances of miscarrying?

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I read in what to expect when your expecting, that having morning sickness lessens the chance of miscarriage by 40%. Can this be true? Has anyone else heard of this? thoughts?

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  1. Sarah M Says:

    Wives’ tale. It isn’t true. I thought the same thing, but there is NO supporting research to show that to be the case.

  2. ce_ben1 Says:

    Ive heard this!! Morning sickness is caused by high HCG levels. People say if they are higher, your more likely to continue the pregnancy

  3. anneob Says:

    The hormones created by a healthy pregnancy are what cause morning sickness, so yes it is true that you are less likely to miscarry. Not sure about the 40% part though.

  4. Chuckles Says:

    Not sure on this one.

    A miscarriage prior to 12 weeks is usually incomplete implantation, genetic defects, mother nature etc.

    Morning sickness is how your body copes with the hormones rapidly increasing. This happens no matter what as most miscarriages happen spontaneously.

    But i’ve also heard that morning sickness means a healthy baby. Not sure if it’s proved or a tale :)

    My 2nd pregnancy i had no morning sickness and my son was/is extra healthy
    My 3rd pregnancy (current), morning sickness was severe, even still present at 22 weeks, my girl is healthy and growing well.

  5. Tara Says:

    I have heard of it. It’s not the morning sickness itself that reduces the chance of miscarriage, rather, its the fact that you have morning sickness which indicates high HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels, which is essential for a healthy pregnancy. I think in that book it also says that people without morning sickness are almost as likely to have a normal pregnancy.

  6. Mary Smith Says:

    According to Cornell studies that is very true.

    Also, they linked Morning Sickness to Higher IQ

    Miscarriages usually occur during the first trimester. I remember with my pregnancy, I was ALWAYS so worried because I had awful morning sickness. But don’t fret! Your baby will get what they need as long as you eat what your body allows. :)

  7. Nathan Says:

    This is true, but not necessarily because of what you might think. hCG MIGHT cause morning sickness, but the link isn’t definitively proven.
    The most likely theory on morning sickness at this point is that it is a mechanism to prevent you from eating bad things. I don’t have the studies right off-hand (although I can look them up upon request, they’re on MedLine if I remember correctly, can probably also find them on PubMed), but it was found that women who had moderate to severe morning sickness were less likely to take harmful things into their body (things that most normal people wouldn’t necessarily consider harmless, but could be harmful to a developing fetus).
    It was also found that, in women with morning sickness as their first symptom of pregnancy, there was a huge decrease in the amount of birth defects – and it makes sense, given that most women do not know they are pregnant right away, and could still ingest harmful substances which would greatly affect fetal organ development early in the pregnancy.
    So, 40%??? Who knows – but morning sickness does offer some protection from environmental substances, which could reduce defects in the developing fetus, and perhaps prevent miscarriages. On the other hand, the majority of miscarriages are probably due to genetic defects, or things of that nature.
    Good luck!

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