Does anyone else spend lots of money on alternative medicine?

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I spend $100′s of dollars a month on supplements and I can’t really afford it but I can’t figure out any other way to deal with some medical problems I’m having. Does anyone have any experience with saving money with alternative medicine? I find the supplements really help me but spending money I don’t really have is hurting my health!

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  1. Ray of light Says:

    Alternative medicine is supposed to be the affordable way to be well! Pharmaceutical pills are the expensive ones!

    In many countries around the globe, both the very poor and the not so poor stay healthy using alternative medicine which includes plants and herbs. My family and I have personally done this for many, many years.

    You might try checking into this site for more information: http://www.seventhsunhealth.com

    Good luck to you!

  2. Violet Pearl Says:

    I buy supplements to resolve specific issues.
    What’s your issue?

  3. larkton Says:

    The problem with today’s health care is that it has become too commercialized. They hype on cures and benefits but then they later qualify that the preparation has no approved therapeutic claims. Maybe the product is research based, maybe it does help but the price we pay will bring us to poverty faster than we can get cured.

    I solved the problem by going back to basics. I read and read about natural foods and juices and consulted a Chinese herbalists for detox. Then of course the basic 30 minute exercise, walking is fine, it doesn’t have to be rigorous. Yoga meditation and vegetarianism is also a good idea.

    If I were you, I will rediscover nature’s inexpensive bounty. It is a mind-body experience!

  4. oldtimekid2 Says:

    Well, if your local healthfood store is costing you too much, there are a few good companies that have online stores that are cheaper than a physical store because they don’t have to pay for a storefront.
    Some of the bigger ones are Swanson Health Products, Puritan’s Pride, Vitacost, and Vitashop.
    If you want to look around, there are many higher quality companies out there that are readily available and well priced… just make sure the company has a good rating with either the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia), as those are the main quality assurance organizations (USP is for the U.S., GMP is for the U.S. and worldwide).

    It shouldn’t cost too much, and if it’s costing you hundreds of dollars a month, you may be taking too many of the same thing, too expensive of ingredients, or just paying too much at the store. If you’re taking a lot of products, try evaluating them and removing any that are superfluous (like if you’re taking 5-10 antioxidants, you could take a few out… or if you’re taking a multivitamin and doses of single vitamins in addition, that might be too much). Also, the most expensive ingredients don’t necessarily make them worth the price. For example, some of the “super-fruits” like Acai, Noni, Mangosteen, etc. are really good antioxidants, but you can get similar antioxidant properties from fruits and herbs that are much cheaper.
    Shop around and you’ll probably find a much better way to stay healthy and still have good supplements. Feel free to E-mail me if you have any questions. Good luck!

  5. JAL Says:

    You do not have to spend $$$ a month on supplements. The beauty of Holistic treatment , like homeopathy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, etc is that it treats the human body as a hole not just the symptoms. visit this site: http://www.healingbyjahan.com/

  6. katy Says:

    Would it be easier for you to see (if you have not already) a naturopathic doctor who would go over your medical problems with you and come up with a specific plan of supplements and maybe herbs? It might cost you much less overall and you would have some guidance in making sure your taking the right supplements.

  7. stallion Says:

    I have been using alternative medicine for many years to kelp fit. I dot touch any branded medicines now. They are very effective and less expensive and the result are very good. What is your problem for which you spend so much money, let me see if I could be of any help.

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