Is it possible for me to go into early labor if I masturbate?

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I am 36 weeks pregnant and I get in the mood when Im home alone. I usually end up masturbating, but Im not sure If this may cause me to start labor before time? I was just wondering what the odds are?

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  1. LisaMay Says:

    i suppose this would be the same as sex…having an orgasm auses your uteris to contract but as long as your pregnancy is normal it is safe

  2. anjelahoy Says:

    well it can cause labor just like sex would. I think the odds are similiar to that of actual sex.

  3. Do your own thinking! Says:

    “I was just wondering what the odds are?”


    Enjoy yourself!

    “Women with a low risk of complications who had sex in the final weeks of pregnancy actually carried their babies slightly longer than those who abstained from sex during that time, according to a new study reported in the June issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    And the full-term babies born to women who had late-pregnancy sex were just as healthy as those born to women who did not.

    “This study should reassure low-risk women that there is probably no harm in engaging in intercourse late in pregnancy,” says obstetrician Jonathan Schaffir, MD, of the Ohio State University Medical Center. “But it showed no particular benefit, either, in terms of inducing labor.””


    (yes, I know you said masturbation and not intercourse, but I think it’s safe to extrapolate here)

  4. jezzels Says:

    yeah its possible it could start labour so can rubbing your nipples between ur fingures .

  5. Aja H Says:

    It can give you some braxton hicks. They say to have sex to help start labor….it can be possible too w/ masturbating, but its never a for sure thing!!! Just go ahead and do it, you’ll be ok!!!

  6. Kittieashy Says:

    I’ve also wondered this because at the moment I cannot have sex though I’d like to. I am currently 38 weeks and am really anxious to try everything I can to move labor along, whether or not it really works. I think it would be the same except that semen carries prostoglandins (I think that’s the right thing) that helps dilate/efface the cervix. Good luck and have fun!!

  7. chichibaby Says:

    not to be gross but one of my good friends went into labor this way while she was..ahem you know taking care of herself..

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