my wife doesnt have any intrest in sex anymore?

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I have a delima here and I need some feedback, I am a 39 year old male with a very attractive wife and she31 and is not interested in sex and is trying to convince me that sex is not important. She does currently take meds that could be affecting her libido and she is not motivated to seek alternative treatments to stimulate her desires. Am I crazy in believing that sex should be fun and interactive at 39?

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  1. dreamy Says:


  2. Steve B Says:

    I would think that you would have some time for a few girlfriends and a fiance, or two.

    Marriage and sex are mutually exclusive. Get a baby sitter, try a little wine and some romance. And, there is always counseling.

  3. my brunette wife Says:

    Neither does my wife she is 40 and I’m 44 happily married 18 years no you are not crazy. I’m just thankful to have my little darling to look at that is when she ain’t on here answering questions.

  4. odzookers Says:

    Give her the ultimatum–counseling or gone. Being understanding will just prolong the agony. By the way, drugs.com can clue you on the meds. I put in 15 years, and divorce was a relief. My new lady and I are 65 and 63, and sex is better than ever.

  5. Brunette wife Says:

    Ha Ha Ha “Brunette wifes sugar daddy”.

    I LOVE sex to bad your wife doesn’t lol.

    That’s sooo sad for you.

  6. amiboo Says:

    No you are not crazy! Sex should be fun at pretty much any age really. Also, sex in a relationship is always very important. Otherwise it really isn’t a marriage is it? I’ve been married 23 years and the frequency of sex has varied a lot over the years. We even had a 6 month dry spell while his parents moved in with us a few years ago but you’ve got to try to overcome the problems you’re having.

    Normally I’m not an Oprah fan but she did a great show awhile ago about sex and maybe your wife would listen to Oprah. She can find info about the show at http://www.oprah.com/article/relationships/sex/pkgsex/20081113_tows_plan

    There were a couple of women on the show who didn’t enjoy sex and they never had. They got down to the root of the problem which was that these women had been taught that good girls didn’t enjoy sex, didn’t orgasm, etc. One woman had been faking orgasms for 40 years!! You guys would probably benefit from some couples counseling or sex therapy.

    Good luck!

  7. mem11363 Says:

    Tell her this: “If sex is not an important part of a relationship, than that means it is ok for me to have a sexual relationship with other women”.

    If that is a problem for her than that means she KNOWS that sex really IS important and she needs to:
    - Take care of you (have sex with you) at least a couple times a week as part of HONORING her marriage vows to “LOVE” you. Sexual love is part of marriage. Until she feels more interested.
    - Go to the doctor and work on this until she finds meds that don’t impact her sex drive.

    NOTE: Many women LIE about their desire levels. They say they have no desire, but in truth:
    - They don’t find their husband attractive and just married him because they wanted to be taken care of
    - They don’t LOVE their husband enough to take care of his needs even when they (the women) are not in the mood


  8. Lulu Says:

    thats gotta suck…hope she gets better

  9. pawan k Says:

    Find out the reason behind her no for sex and use some provoking ideas for creating interest in her like watch soft porn, read books, outdoors and many more.

  10. routejumper Says:

    You have 2 choices:

    1. Divorce

    2. Live in misery.

    You will be incapable of accomplishing number 2.

  11. Irksome Says:

    ohh i have great sex and my husband is away!!!

    Hey it’s still with him, so don’t get your panties in a bunch!!

  12. I r thmart Says:

    Yes you’re crazy for thinking sex should be fun at age 39; I mean what are you doing, telling her jokes? That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun having sex with her. Maybe you’re boring, maybe you don’t satisfy her. You should try thinking about her needs for a change and stop thinking about yourself.
    I don’t mean to come on so strong but geez! Take a look at yourself first, try to do something that she finds pleasurable for once. You might enjoy something new in life that she can share with you.

  13. Robin G Says:

    The first thing you need to do is figure out why her sex drive is low and try to help get it back. I was in her situation and it’s not fun without being horny and feeling in the mood when needed. I also felt like my orgasms (if I would even get one) were really weak. Probably because of my sex drive.

    However, I tried exercising and dieting but nothing seemed to be working. I thought I was screwed. I then found something just as amazing as the vibrator that you should suggest to her.

    My friend at work told me about this stuff she took to raise her sex drive. It was a natural herbal supplement and was I lucky to of found it. Theres no side effects and the sex drive is just tremendous along with orgasms that are blasting. The stuff is called Hersolution pills. At the time I saved money on them at herenhancement.com

    What I did was tried out for 3 months and that was really it. I found taking them every other day or so was the best to stretch it out. After the months were up, I was back to normal with a beating sex drive and my orgasm strength in increased so much.

    Well good luck and I hope this helps.

  14. Jolliet J Says:

    It took me longer than that. When I realized my wife was not interested in sex she was already 39 and she had been fucking her boss for 4 years. She is happy, so I am happy too. Now she is having sex with me as well. I learned to talk about her job while we make love.

  15. Christian Says:


    You may want to spice things up …

    I was in the same situation as you. To the point where I was considering divorce. Then a friend of mine recommended this ebook. It is g-r-e-a-t. It will light a fire. Pick the best “games” and find out more about your wife and yourself. To me it was like I had a new partner.

    I bought it for Christmas and we are still exploring new “things”. Making Love, when you love your partner, is the most wonderful thing on earth – I am sure you will agree.

    I wish you and your wife the best,


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