What are the 2 main treatments for breast cancer?

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I am doing my coursework on breast cancer and so i need to know what the 2 main treatments are for breast cancer IN GENERAL.

Also, what are two alternative (less common) treatments ??

i have been getting some confusing answers… Thanks icon smile What are the 2 main treatments for breast cancer?

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  1. Bart Says:

    There are really three main types of treatment: surgical, irradiation, and with medicines. I would not leave out any of the three.

  2. Knickz Says:

    Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

  3. Dr.dhananjaya Bhupathi Says:

    1. Surgery-Mastectomy-Partial, bilateral, unilateral.
    2. Radiation.
    3. Chemotherapy.
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  4. Craftylass Says:

    Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, growth factor medication/hormone inhibiting medications (Herceptin, Tamoxifen).

    There are many factors to breast cancer and to say that there are only two “main” treatments is just plain wrong. Almost every breast cancer patient has surgery of some kind, but after that, it’s quite varied.

    1. A woman can have a lumpectomy, followed by radiation and medication.
    2. A woman can have a lumpectomy, followed by mastectomy (due to lack of clear margins), followed by medication.
    3. A woman can have a lumpectomy or mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy, followed by radiation, followed by medication.
    4. A woman can have chemotherapy, followed by mastectomy/lumpectomy, followed by radiation, followed by medication.
    5. A woman can have a mastectomy and that’s it.
    6. A women can have a mastectomy, followed by radiation and that’s it.

    (I do know that men can also get breast cancer, but I’m not familiar with their treatment plans.)

    It’s safe to say that the single most common treatment is surgery. After that, there are two extremely common treatments . . . chemotherapy and radiation. Following that, a common treatment is the hormone inhibiting medication.

    This site may help you. It goes through common treatments by stage. http://www.webmd.com/breast-cancer/treatments-stage

  5. Srikanth Says:

    Depends upon the stage of breast cancer.

    But mainly, Chemotherapy and Radiation.

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